Friday, February 1, 2013

My Experiences

As a married person with children, I am open to discussing and sharing my experiences. Every day my children do things that drive us crazy.

We have three kids:
H. a boy age 9
D. a boy age 7
S. a girl (princess) age 5

I can share a few from this week.
Every morning coming back from shul, I hope everyone will get ready like clockwork and we can be out of the house on our way to school by 8.|
  • Well one day H. lies in bed, feigning a stomachache saying how he doesn't want to go to school. After yelling at him, and not giving him a choice he comes around and he are out of the house by 8:20
  • The next day everything is going fine, but D. gets the last chocolate muffin.  H. as a fit and spills D.'s range juice on his shirt and pants. D. is super-sensitive to even a drop of water and has a fit, getting changed and yelling at  H..
  • The next day everything is going fine, then S. decides that she doesn't want to go to pre-school and lies on the ground not willing to cooperate, saying how everyone is dumb in pre-school. Finally we convince her that she has no choice and she will not go into first grade if she continues like this. Again we are late.
  • S. as decided she is smarter than everyone and corrects everything we say. Going to pre-school I had the radio going, and the announcer said Prime Minister Netanyahu. S. immediately shouted, "It's not prime minister Netanyahu, it's Bibi Netanyahu!"
  • The next day D. comes home from school with sopping wet shoes, right to the bone. My wife was  livid. He smiles at her and says, "You got new shoes for H. when he got his shoes wet, so I want new shoes too. I jumped in every puddle I could find!"

There is no end to these stories. I don't dread this life. I don't look back on my single years with nostalgia, or that I am missing out on some other activity. I still get together with a friend occasionally for a dinner, or for coffee in the morning. I still go out to see movies, and I even go out for a nice dinner just with my wife. After they go to school, we look at each other and laugh about our crazy kids. They also do a lot of fun things that make us love, and they kiss us and hug us and can make us proud and happy.