Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Slice of Marriage

"What you didn't touch the chicken cutlets!"
"Well where were they?"
"On the plate over the pot of pasta!"
"Oh! well I thought that was just a plate covering the pot of pasta. Anyway you put another plate over the cutlets."
"Yeah, to keep them warm for you! What? Did you think I just left some pasta for your dinner."
"Well, I thought you probably made some chicken to go along with it, but after I took the pasta, I couldn't figure out where you hid it."
"On top of the damn pasta!"
My daughter runs in. "Oh chicken, yummy!" She starts piling the cutlets into her mouth.
"Well someone's hungry," I say.
"She's starving! Didn't you think of giving her anything to eat?"
"She didn't ask for anything."
"She's five! You are her parent. You have to LOOK AFTER HER."
"I know, but you didn't say to do anything. I didn't want to upset you."
"You can CALL me."
"Ok, well, look I mean, she's still alive."
"What? Are you trying to comfort me?"
"Is it working?"
"So am I a good husband? I'm trying to be better."
"You don't learn. It's the same mistakes. What are you afraid me?"
"No!" I snap, "of course I'm not afraid of you. Why do you want to be afraid of you?"