Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What is that Smell?

My wife walked by the front door and remarked, "I smell something odd."
I couldn't confirm her suspicion.
She continued to hover, saying "It's like the smell of wet laundry. Yeah, only it got moldy having not dried out."
She looked around. I looked at the bottom of my shoes for suspects. Then she reached into my six year old daughter's school backpack, opening it up.
"Ohhh! This smells horrible! Did you finish your sandwich?!"
My daughter rolled her eyes up, trying to look around innocently. My wife pulled out incriminating evidence from the backpack. First a chocolate spread sandwich that was untouched and two days old. Then she revealed a tuna sandwich that had a bite, and was probably a week old.
"Do you guys even eat what I give you for lunch?" my wife asked, accusingly.
My ten year old stared to smirk, looking guilty as well. My wife pulled open the zipper on his backpack, quickly repulsed by a horrible smell. "Where do you put your sandwiches?"
"I have a few compartments on my backpack," my son answered, "there is the outer compartment for my bus money, another for my books, and final compartment for books and food."
My wife pulled out a half-eaten sandwich and dumped out some books. Then she found a sandwich bag that was filled with  a black-green substance, turning to liquid. "Look at this!" she declared.
We all collapsed in laughter, seeing how his backpack had turned into a fungal-bacteria research facility.

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